Educating is a teacher’s job. But the task is not only to give knowledge that they control only. But also to educate and mature the protege.

One of the obligations given to teachers is to teach in the classroom. Teaching is very important and not an easy thing, especially for teachers who have just started teaching.

Teachers must create a fun atmosphere in the classroom. In addition, teachers also have to master the circumstances in the classroom. One way to master the class and create a fun learning atmosphere is to apply learning methods.

There are many teaching methods that can be applied by a teacher in teaching. Here are some learning methods.

1. Lecture Method

One method of learning is by lecturing. This method is a method by explaining orally the subject matter to a group of listeners.

This lecture method can achieve several objectives, which can encourage an inspired audience (Mc Leish, 1976). This method of lecturing is suitable for conveying instructional materials in the form of information and materials difficult to obtain (Gage and Berliner, 1981: 457).

2. Discussion Method

The next method is a learning process involving two or more people. Discussion participants interact and exchange opinions. In interacting there are also mutual defending opinions in problem solving until an agreement is reached between them. Discussion methods are interactive methods (Gagne and Briggs, 1979: 251).

3. Demonstration Method

Demonstration methods are a very effective method used to help students seek answers to many questions. Examples such as, How does it work? How do I manage? How about the steps?

Methods of demonstration of course have advantages and also shortcomings.

Excess Demonstration Method
  • Students’ attention can be centered.
  • The student is more focused on the material he is learning.
  • Lessons received will be more attached to students or students.
Disadvantages of Demonstration Methods
  • Students or students will sometimes find it difficult to see clearly what is being exhibited.
  • Not all processes or lessons can be demonstrated.
  • Demonstrations will be difficult to understand when demonstrating a lack of mastery of the lessons it demonstrates.