“Education is the Key to Success” – Nicely, I COMPLETELY DISAGREE. Their next concern normally is the place to get their youngsters an honest education since many public faculties have low academic standards, which is comprehensible considering that lecturers are sometimes paid rather a lot lower than in other comparable professions.\n\nIf mother and father nonetheless have the same mentality at present, their youngster will discover it troublesome to make a living in at present’s world which has grow to be very competitive. Like their students, lecturers must always proceed learning. However it is the faculties, schools and the colleges, which help combine these bits of data into wholesome training.\n\nThe “tradition of poverty” theory that has been used by a number of politicians to explain differences in studying between completely different ethnicities can be uncovered as a blatant attempt by the established order to “blame” individuals for his or her poverty if the tutorial system was restructured to satisfy the wants of all college students, not simply the wealthy.\n\nIt’s essential that in the Islamic system that we should always consider these expensive children as our own kids, and put apart all other considerations, and rise above all such things and understand our responsibility and our mission. A couple of years ago, I met another trainer who had taught on the other side of Africa, in Ghana, but not in a personal faculty like me, but in a little village school lost in the bush somewhere.