A family cannot be successful if the relationships that make up that family are not properly maintained. Proper maintenance isn’t the often-uncomfortable hellos when you see one another or the occasional forced conversation that is often had just to fill the dead air when family is near. Proper maintenance is each participant actively engaging the relationship and working towards making it an enjoyable encounter every time.

The most important relationship in a family is between the two individuals that are ideally working together to run the household. Even in a single parent household there is a two “person” dynamic because the single parent must work even harder on their relationship with themselves to set an example for the other family members. This is the most important relationship because it sets the atmosphere for what will take place inside of the home. If the head of the household is lost, out of control, not organized, angry all the time, etc., it will be reflective in the home and the relationships in that family. The same can be said for the positive attributes of a relationship. These two individuals must work the hardest because the failure of their relationship will trickle down and affect those they are in charge of caring for and the family members they interact with.

The next important relationship in a family is the one between the head of the household and the individual “next in line”, meaning the older sibling if there are children, a family member or friend that is living in the home for a while, that everyone else looks to for direction / guidance. This relationship is second most important because when the head of the house is not around they are the ones leading the family and being the example that has been made by the head of the household.

After these two very important relationships there are the relationship with the head of the household and the rest of the individuals in the home, the relationship between the “next in line” leader in the household and everyone else in the home, and the actual home (everyone inside) and their relationships with the family members outside of the home.

For some their ideal family is just themselves and their spouse and for others it includes a spouse and children. The ideal family is not always something that can be created by those that are inside of the family due to different medical reasons. In that case a different family dynamic is introduced, if willing, the option to adopt agency nevada becomes a part of the conversation. With adoption comes an additional relationship that takes even more effort to maintain.

Adoption is a beautiful option to extend a family when one cannot otherwise or choose not to biologically for whatever reason. The most important thing to remember when adopting is to ensure that you have worked on the relationship you have with yourself so that you can have an optimal relationship with the child you end up adopting. Relationships in families are a constant working process and everyone has to be up to do their part of the work at the end of the day or it won’t work.